This week (25 / 2024)

1 #

Not So Important

Solar Fake

(week 5)

Video zu Solar Fake - Not So Important
2 #

LGBTQ (Elektrofish Remix)


(week 4)

Video zu Plexiphones - LGBTQ (Elektrofish Remix)
3 #

After Midnight (Rotoskop's Kulttempel Remix)


(week 8)

Video zu Rotoskop - After Midnight (Rotoskop's Kulttempel Remix)
4 #



(week 5)

Video zu Vanguard - Punches
5 #

Connecting The Dots

Obsession Of Time

(week 2)

Video zu Obsession Of Time - Connecting The Dots
6 #

The Beginning


(week 1)

Video zu DeZeption - The Beginning
7 #



(week 5)

Video zu Alienare - Fire
8 #

Fate (Radio Edit)

Solaris D

(week 3)

Video zu Solaris D - Fate (Radio Edit)
9 #


Massiv in Mensch

(week 7)

Video zu Massiv in Mensch - Schlagdistanz
10 #

Last Lines

ee:man & Retrograth

(week 2)

Video zu ee:man & Retrograth - Last Lines
11 #

Don't You Think?

She Hates Emotions

(week 5)

Video zu She Hates Emotions - Don't You Think?
12 #

Unbreakable Queen (feat. Kiara M.E.)


(week 6)

Video zu Endanger - Unbreakable Queen (feat. Kiara M.E.)
13 #

Monuments (Rob Dust Remix)


(week 1)

Video zu Decence - Monuments (Rob Dust Remix)
14 #

Ein Traum (Synthrock-Version)

Yes, Teacher!

(week 4)

Video zu Yes, Teacher! - Ein Traum (Synthrock-Version)
15 #

Die For This (feat. Neuroticfish)


(week 6)

Video zu Faderhead - Die For This (feat. Neuroticfish)

New Releases

NR01 Videolink zu Scenius mit dem Titel Breezing Through It

Breezing Through It


Video zu Scenius - Breezing Through It
NR02 Videolink zu Arsine Tibé mit dem Titel Here We Are (Vampires & Ghosts)

Here We Are (Vampires & Ghosts)

Arsine Tibé

Video zu Arsine Tibé - Here We Are (Vampires & Ghosts)
NR03 Videolink zu Split Vision mit dem Titel Save Our Souls

Save Our Souls

Split Vision

Video zu Split Vision - Save Our Souls
NR04 Videolink zu GULVOSS mit dem Titel Highs And Lows

Highs And Lows


Video zu GULVOSS - Highs And Lows
NR05 Videolink zu Dancing On Ruins mit dem Titel Triumph And Pain

Triumph And Pain

Dancing On Ruins

Video zu Dancing On Ruins - Triumph And Pain
NR06 Videolink zu Mark Velvet mit dem Titel Mind's Pleasures

Mind's Pleasures

Mark Velvet

Video zu Mark Velvet - Mind's Pleasures
NR07 Videolink zu More mit dem Titel The Way She Goes

The Way She Goes


Video zu More - The Way She Goes
NR08 Videolink zu Vogon Poetry & SCALA mit dem Titel Sanningen


Vogon Poetry & SCALA

Video zu Vogon Poetry & SCALA - Sanningen
NR09 Videolink zu Streichelt mit dem Titel Biochemie



Video zu Streichelt - Biochemie