This week (49 / 2023)

1 #


Cold Connection

(week 8)

Video zu Cold Connection - Ashes
2 #

Radiant (2023)

Beyond Border

(week 8)

Video zu Beyond Border - Radiant (2023)
3 #

I'm Losing You (A New Tale)

Piston Damp

(week 2)

Video zu Piston Damp - I'm Losing You (A New Tale)
4 #

Forever In Here

Johan Baeckström

(week 3)

Video zu Johan Baeckström - Forever In Here
5 #



(week 1)

Video zu E:Lect - Dimma
6 #

Time of Madness


(week 2)

Video zu HellaMox - Time of Madness
7 #

Lost My Mind


(week 2)

Video zu Eisfabrik - Lost My Mind
8 #

My Spirit Is Free

Train To Spain

(week 4)

Video zu Train To Spain - My Spirit Is Free
9 #

The Fall

Presence Of Mind

(week 1)

Video zu Presence Of Mind - The Fall
10 #

Disappear in Seoul


(week 2)

Video zu Hatif - Disappear in Seoul
11 #


Obsession Of Time

(week 6)

Video zu Obsession Of Time - Fission
12 #


Alex Braun

(week 6)

Video zu Alex Braun - Traumfänger
13 #



(week 5)

Video zu j:dead - Harbour
14 #

The list of Life

Martin Halldén

(week 2)

Video zu Martin Halldén - The list of Life
15 #

Seeds Of Love

Neon Space Men

(week 7)

Video zu Neon Space Men - Seeds Of Love

New Releases

NR01 Videolink zu Beyond Border mit dem Titel New Start

New Start

Beyond Border

Video zu Beyond Border - New Start
NR02 Videolink zu CRED mit dem Titel Bleed



Video zu CRED - Bleed
NR03 Videolink zu Gimme Shelter mit dem Titel Nowhere Land

Nowhere Land

Gimme Shelter

Video zu Gimme Shelter - Nowhere Land
NR04 Videolink zu Monody mit dem Titel A Safe Place

A Safe Place


Video zu Monody - A Safe Place
NR05 Videolink zu MELØ mit dem Titel Memento



Video zu MELØ - Memento
NR06 Videolink zu Kirlian Kamera mit dem Titel Il Tempo Profondo

Il Tempo Profondo

Kirlian Kamera

Video zu Kirlian Kamera - Il Tempo Profondo
NR07 Videolink zu Crows On Wires mit dem Titel Stop the Clock

Stop the Clock

Crows On Wires

Video zu Crows On Wires - Stop the Clock
NR08 Videolink zu Tearing Apart mit dem Titel Shelter


Tearing Apart

Video zu Tearing Apart - Shelter
NR09 Videolink zu Dark Chisme mit dem Titel Yo Puedo Vivir Sin Ti

Yo Puedo Vivir Sin Ti

Dark Chisme

Video zu Dark Chisme - Yo Puedo Vivir Sin Ti