This week (16 / 2024)

1 #

This Generation Ends

Solar Fake

(week 4)

Video zu Solar Fake - This Generation Ends
2 #

She And Her Darkness (Uats Version)

Diary of Dreams

(week 1)

Video zu Diary of Dreams - She And Her Darkness (Uats Version)
3 #


Disrupted Being

(week 5)

Video zu Disrupted Being - Deeper
4 #


Logic & Olivia

(week 2)

Video zu Logic & Olivia - Enemy
5 #


Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

(week 6)

Video zu Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Kleptocracy
6 #

Dancing Star

Pet Shop Boys

(week 1)

Video zu Pet Shop Boys - Dancing Star
7 #



(week 8)

Video zu HellaMox - Heat
8 #

Blind Vision


(week 5)

Video zu BlakLight - Blind Vision
9 #

Media Whore

Ironic Sweden

(week 3)

Video zu Ironic Sweden - Media Whore
10 #

Der Gedankensammler

Alex Braun

(week 8)

Video zu Alex Braun - Der Gedankensammler
11 #

The Shape

Code 64

(week 3)

Video zu Code 64 - The Shape
12 #


Split Vision

(week 1)

Video zu Split Vision - Greed
13 #

Wearing Like A Clown

After The Rain

(week 1)

Video zu After The Rain - Wearing Like A Clown
14 #

Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Vogon Poetry & SCALA

(week 2)

Video zu Vogon Poetry & SCALA - Street Spirit (Fade Out)
15 #

Toxic Stranger

Ralphy Grey & Robson Darker

(week 3)

Video zu Ralphy Grey & Robson Darker - Toxic Stranger

New Releases

NR01 Videolink zu Pale Meridians mit dem Titel Solitary Heart

Solitary Heart

Pale Meridians

Video zu Pale Meridians - Solitary Heart
NR02 Videolink zu Asombria mit dem Titel Mystery Man

Mystery Man


Video zu Asombria - Mystery Man
NR03 Videolink zu Raindancer mit dem Titel Sister Of Darkness

Sister Of Darkness


Video zu Raindancer - Sister Of Darkness
NR04 Videolink zu Scheuber mit dem Titel Human 2024

Human 2024


Video zu Scheuber - Human 2024
NR05 Videolink zu Huir mit dem Titel Lovers



Video zu Huir - Lovers
NR06 Videolink zu Melody Zenith mit dem Titel Vampire


Melody Zenith

Video zu Melody Zenith - Vampire
NR07 Videolink zu Plastic Estate mit dem Titel Open Eyes

Open Eyes

Plastic Estate

Video zu Plastic Estate - Open Eyes
NR08 Videolink zu Breathe Of My Leaves mit dem Titel Stay (Single Mix)

Stay (Single Mix)

Breathe Of My Leaves

Video zu Breathe Of My Leaves - Stay (Single Mix)
NR09 Videolink zu Mensch:Maschine mit dem Titel Unlied



Video zu Mensch:Maschine - Unlied