This week (05 / 2021)

1 #

Don't Look Back

Obsession of Time

(8. week)

Video zu Obsession of Time - Don't Look Back
2 #

The Masquerade (ft. Stephen Newton)

Nature of Wires

(6. week)

Video zu Nature of Wires - The Masquerade (ft. Stephen Newton)
3 #

Constant Loop (Album Version)


(7. week)

Video zu MORE - Constant Loop (Album Version)
4 #

Departure (Single Version)


(6. week)

Video zu Alienare - Departure (Single Version)
5 #

Honey Cherie Honey feat. Stereo In Solo (Noritop Remix)

Projekt Ich

(8. week)

Video zu Projekt Ich - Honey Cherie Honey feat. Stereo In Solo (Noritop Remix)
6 #

True Love


(2. week)

Video zu Nórdika - True Love
7 #

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Geometric Vision

(5. week)

Video zu Geometric Vision - Fire! Fire! Fire!
8 #

Clouds (Radio Mix)


(5. week)

Video zu Blueforge - Clouds (Radio Mix)
9 #

Wir geben nichts her

Der Elektrische Mann

(1. week)

Video zu Der Elektrische Mann - Wir geben nichts her
10 #

Grey (Light Grey)

Rotersand and Evendorff

(2. week)

Video zu Rotersand and Evendorff - Grey (Light Grey)
11 #

We Should Be Dancing

The Frixion

(4. week)

Video zu The Frixion - We Should Be Dancing
12 #

Relentless & Reinless

Condition One

(5. week)

Video zu Condition One - Relentless & Reinless
13 #

No Fear


(7. week)

Video zu Fused - No Fear
14 #

Feeding on Me


(5. week)

Video zu j:dead - Feeding on Me
15 #

Wishing for Life


(1. week)

Video zu Omnimar - Wishing for Life

New Releases

NR01 Videolink zu In Good Faith mit dem Titel Rising


In Good Faith

Video zu In Good Faith - Rising
NR02 Videolink zu Aye! mit dem Titel Impossible To Possible

Impossible To Possible


Video zu Aye! - Impossible To Possible
NR03 Videolink zu The Anix mit dem Titel Want U Like I Do

Want U Like I Do

The Anix

Video zu The Anix - Want U Like I Do
NR04 Videolink zu The Sere mit dem Titel Always the Cold Moon

Always the Cold Moon

The Sere

Video zu The Sere - Always the Cold Moon
NR05 Videolink zu Normoria mit dem Titel The Judases

The Judases


Video zu Normoria - The Judases
NR06 Videolink zu Vyrtual Zociety mit dem Titel Sci Fi Citizen (Distopic Mix)

Sci Fi Citizen (Distopic Mix)

Vyrtual Zociety

Video zu Vyrtual Zociety - Sci Fi Citizen (Distopic Mix)