This week (49 / 2022)

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Secret wishes (English Version)

Close to Monday

(week 8)

Video zu Close to Monday - Secret wishes (English Version)
2 #



(week 1)

Video zu Seadrake - Asche
3 #

Gargle Blaster

Vogon Poetry

(week 5)

Video zu Vogon Poetry - Gargle Blaster
4 #

Turn On

T.O.Y. feat. Marian Gold

(week 4)

Video zu T.O.Y. feat. Marian Gold - Turn On
5 #

I Was There...

Hidden Souls

(week 8)

Video zu Hidden Souls - I Was There...
6 #

Under Construction

Engraved Garden

(week 3)

Video zu Engraved Garden - Under Construction
7 #

Innocence Lost


(week 4)

Video zu BlakLight - Innocence Lost
8 #



(week 2)

Video zu Vaylon - Gone
9 #

Modern Love (feat. N-Frequency)

Beyond Border

(week 3)

Video zu Beyond Border - Modern Love (feat. N-Frequency)
10 #

Iisland (Remix by Faderhead)


(week 1)

Video zu Diorama - Iisland (Remix by Faderhead)
11 #

My Heart Is Glass


(week 6)

Video zu Auger - My Heart Is Glass
12 #

Shed No Tears

Train To Spain

(week 1)

Video zu Train To Spain - Shed No Tears
13 #


Nature of Wires & Machina X

(week 1)

Video zu Nature of Wires & Machina X - Possibilities
14 #

Struggling (feat. Zoodrake)

Beyond Border

(week 2)

Video zu Beyond Border - Struggling (feat. Zoodrake)
15 #


Color Theory

(week 2)

Video zu Color Theory - Wrath

New Releases

NR01 Videolink zu District 13 mit dem Titel Key To My Heart

Key To My Heart

District 13

Video zu District 13 - Key To My Heart
NR02 Videolink zu Close to Monday mit dem Titel ERUPT


Close to Monday

Video zu Close to Monday - ERUPT
NR03 Videolink zu Hidden Souls mit dem Titel Loreley


Hidden Souls

Video zu Hidden Souls - Loreley
NR04 Videolink zu Francesca e Luigi & Tobias Bernstrup mit dem Titel Losing My Heart

Losing My Heart

Francesca e Luigi & Tobias Bernstrup

Video zu Francesca e Luigi & Tobias Bernstrup - Losing My Heart
NR05 Videolink zu Zoltan Freitag mit dem Titel Through The Glass

Through The Glass

Zoltan Freitag

Video zu Zoltan Freitag - Through The Glass
NR06 Videolink zu Agent Side Grinder mit dem Titel Waiting Room

Waiting Room

Agent Side Grinder

Video zu Agent Side Grinder - Waiting Room
NR07 Videolink zu Last Activity mit dem Titel Melody of Decay

Melody of Decay

Last Activity

Video zu Last Activity - Melody of Decay
NR08 Videolink zu MonoSapien mit dem Titel Der Himmel brennt (Club Edit)

Der Himmel brennt (Club Edit)


Video zu MonoSapien - Der Himmel brennt (Club Edit)