Diese Woche (KW 04 / 2023)

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Vogon Poetry & Social Ambitions

(1. Woche)

Video zu Vogon Poetry & Social Ambitions - Time
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ee:man vs. In Absentia

(1. Woche)

Video zu ee:man vs. In Absentia - Numb
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Lights of Euphoria

(5. Woche)

Video zu Lights of Euphoria - Emotional
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Close to Monday

(7. Woche)

Video zu Close to Monday - ERUPT
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Now I Die Inside


(1. Woche)

Video zu Torul - Now I Die Inside
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(2. Woche)

Video zu ALIENARE - Freedom
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Nature of Wires vs. j:dead

(6. Woche)

Video zu Nature of Wires vs. j:dead - Thrive
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Dancer In The Dark

Beborn Beton

(2. Woche)

Video zu Beborn Beton - Dancer In The Dark
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Never Be Afraid


(2. Woche)

Video zu Telekon - Never Be Afraid
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(8. Woche)

Video zu Seadrake - Asche
11 #

Follow Me

Neon Space Men

(5. Woche)

Video zu Neon Space Men - Follow Me
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Higher Ground (Single Edit)


(2. Woche)

Video zu Rotersand - Higher Ground (Single Edit)
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The Secret

Diary of Dreams

(2. Woche)

Video zu Diary of Dreams - The Secret
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(1. Woche)

Video zu Blutengel - Tief
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Waiting Room

Agent Side Grinder

(7. Woche)

Video zu Agent Side Grinder - Waiting Room


NV01 Videolink zu 12 Illusions mit dem Titel Revalue The Time

Revalue The Time

12 Illusions

Video zu 12 Illusions - Revalue The Time
NV02 Videolink zu The Mystic Underground mit dem Titel Digital


The Mystic Underground

Video zu The Mystic Underground - Digital
NV03 Videolink zu Sea of Sin mit dem Titel Don't Let Go (Single Edit)

Don't Let Go (Single Edit)

Sea of Sin

Video zu Sea of Sin - Don't Let Go (Single Edit)
NV04 Videolink zu After The Rain mit dem Titel Vicious Mind

Vicious Mind

After The Rain

Video zu After The Rain - Vicious Mind
NV05 Videolink zu Bara Hari mit dem Titel Violence Rising

Violence Rising

Bara Hari

Video zu Bara Hari - Violence Rising
NV06 Videolink zu Dekad mit dem Titel Promises (Melancholia Mix)

Promises (Melancholia Mix)


Video zu Dekad - Promises (Melancholia Mix)
NV07 Videolink zu Ultra Sunn mit dem Titel Set Yourself On Fire

Set Yourself On Fire

Ultra Sunn

Video zu Ultra Sunn - Set Yourself On Fire
NV08 Videolink zu Distance H feat. Ophelia mit dem Titel Leaden Sky

Leaden Sky

Distance H feat. Ophelia

Video zu Distance H feat. Ophelia - Leaden Sky
NV09 Videolink zu Tanks and Tears mit dem Titel Nightmare


Tanks and Tears

Video zu Tanks and Tears - Nightmare